Kathleen Laban

For Kathleen Laban, feeling secure was her top concern when choosing to move to Friendship Village. After her husband passed away, she didn’t feel safe living in their big house all alone. Moving to Friendship Village gave her a newfound sense of security… and independence.

Just because she has a new life here, doesn’t mean she gave up her life outside of Friendship Village. Kathleen comes and goes as she pleases. Many weekends she drives her car up to her cabin in Wisconsin to enjoy some family time with her children and grandchildren… but she’s always eager to get back to the great friends she’s met at Friendship Village. She finds peace of mind knowing that her home at Friendship Village is safe and secure while she is away.

“I’ve been a camper for 45 years up in Wisconsin on Whitewater Lake. So on the weekends I can go up there to get away and then come back here and resume my life.”

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