Friendship Village Helps Adults to Know What Their Grandkids Know

Associates from Friendship Village's Lifestyles Department have put together a program designed to help adults navigate their way through potentially mind-boggling pop culture and indecipherable technology. Those seeking the definition of tweet and Google, an understanding of social media, or a glimpse into uses for iPads and Skype have benefitted greatly from Know What Your Grandkids Know. The program was launched by Jeff Rose, lifestyles producer and volunteer coordinator and Mike McCann, lifestyles director. Know What Your Grandkids Know, which has been held on campus and in off-site venues, is currently being conducted at Harper College through their Lifelong Learning Instruction Program.

"The class is designed to help seniors become more engaged in their grandchildren's lives by understanding and using the technology and culture that is around them," said Jeff. The seminar covers topics including the basics of smart phones, apps, streaming movies and social media and is presented in a lecture form, with -on demonstration, interactive discussion and question and answer sessions.

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